We believe that all species should be herbivorous.

Herbivorize Predators is a non-profit (pending) organization with the goal of discovering how to turn carnivorous species into herbivorous ones and encouraging dialogue about all aspects of this proposal. We believe that with gene editing and artificial selection it will be feasible in the not too distant future to safely make the necessary herbivorous modifications. Currently our primary research areas are (1) dental morphology, (2) bite force, (3) jaw movement direction, (4) digestive tract (size, structure, and endosymbionts), (5) taste, (6) psychological characteristics (particularly inter-species empathy and friendliness), and (7) prevention of over-exploitation of plants by herbivores without predation.

1) We are for individual sentient beings of all species (sentientist and anti-speciesist).
We believe that we should re-engineer the world for the well-being of individual sentient beings no matter which species they are members of.

2) We are for the prevention of suffering and untimely death.
We believe that a world in which predators no longer exist is a much better world due to the harms they cause to sentient beings.

3) We are optimistic about the prospects of science to enable us to prevent much suffering and untimely death.
We believe that with technologies such as gene editing and artificial selection it will be feasible to edit out carnivorousness from species (herbivorizing them).

4) We are aware that with great power comes great responsibility.
We believe that we collectively have a duty to resolutely phase out predation as soon as we develop the ability to safely do so (and we have a collective duty to develop that ability as soon as possible).

5) We are strategic.
We believe that even though the proposal is controversial, now is the time to (1) conduct research on potential ways of herbivorizing and (2) spread the idea as widely as possible.


    We are finding new ways to herbivorize carnivorous species through genetic modification and selective breeding.


    Through our research and efforts in veganizing nature we can help save animals and put an end to animal pain and suffering.


    We are showing the world that herbivorizing carnivorous species is possible and gaining support for the movement.